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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Dance Flies


These insects get their name because the males form mating swarms in which they constantly fly up and down as if they were dancing. They are quite small - less than a centimetre in length - and can be found on vegetation in moist locations. Dance flies are predators; hunting flies that are even smaller than themselves such as midges, but they also feed on nectar as well.



     Dance Like a Fly


Do dance flies go to the insect disco

on a Friday night?

And do they strut their funky stuff

underneath the lights?

Do they think they're really cool

when they start to boogie?

And do they like to stay out late

if the music's groovy?

But do they suddenly leave the disco

when the wasps arrive?

Are they scared of the competition

or are they just 'staying alive'?




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