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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Bird-Chewing Lice


These insects do exactly what their name suggests - they are lice that chew birds. Or, to be slightly more accurate; they are lice that nibble on a bird's skin and feathers! Like all species of lice, they are very small and therefore not easy to see - especially as they spend their entire lives in amongst the feathers of their bird 'hosts'. A 'host' is the name for any animal that 'parasites' such as lice choose to feed on. Bird-chewing lice are pale yellow/brown in colour with short legs and a relatively large head. Each of their legs has a pair of claws to help them cling on to the feathers, so it is almost impossible for the bird to shake them off by vigorously flapping its wings. Unfortunately for the bird, once the lice arrive, they are stuck with them!





    In Defence of Bird-Chewing Lice


Bird-Chewing Lice have got a really horrible name,

but when we eat chicken aren't humans the same?

And what about turkey, goose, and pheasant too...

there's a wide range of birds that we like to chew.

And whether it's the flesh or the skin that we nibble,

it makes little difference - so why should we quibble?

If gnawing on feathers is what these parasites favour,

then each to their own, but its much the same flavour:-

Aren't we hypocrits if we sit in judgement on others

who in truth act so similar that we could be brothers?

So we shouldn't look down on these insects with shame;

because we all like chewing poultry, wildfowl and game.





Bird Louse



                Bird-Chewing Louse

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