Creepy-crawlies in the air... dragonflies, wasps, hover flies, bumblebees, gnats, butterflies,

                                        midges, house flies, moths, lacewings, dance flies, mosquitoes,

 Creepy-crawlies on vegetation... ladybirds, froghoppers, crab spiders, aphids, leaf beetles,

                                               shield bugs, crickets, barklice, grasshoppers, stick insects,

 Creepy-crawlies on the ground... woodlice, earthworms, millipedes, tiger beetles, scorpions,

                                               earwigs, carrion beetles, wolf spiders, slugs, centipedes,













Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Bumble Bees


These insects live in social colonies which can house many thousands at the height of summer. Bumble bees tend to make their nests in the ground - either under stones or in the ground itself; sometimes utilising old abandoned mouse holes or rabbit warrens. The queen starts to build the nest all on the own, but once her part of the construction work is done she never goes back outside and just stays inside the nest continuously laying eggs. When the grubs emerge from the eggs they are fed pollen and nectar by the worker bees. These worker bees spend all their days collecting pollen from plants and flowers - which is why they are such useful plant pollinators. Each nest only lasts for one summer. At the end of the summer, new queens are produced which leave to find somewhere to hibernate over the winter. Then the process begins all over again the following year.




      SuperSize Bee


Imagine a bumble bee the size of a pigeon;

   it would scare you half to death!

It would chase you round and round the house

   till you were out of breath.


Imagine shutting yourself in your bedroom,

   but it forced its way through the door.

You'd drop to your knees and beg for mercy,

   crying and screaming on the floor.


Imagine the bumble bee looming over you,

   with its horrible insect face.

You'd stare up into its compound eyes

   like a creature from outer space.


Imagine if the bumble bee could talk out loud,

   just what do you think it might say?

Something like, "Shut up, you screaming idiot

   and open a window so I can fly away!"







                                       Bumble Bee

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