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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Cardinal Beetles


These insects are also known as 'Fire-coloured Beetles' and it's not difficult to see why - their bodies are bright red, and although some species might have a black head, many also have a red head to match. Their legs are always black, as are the antennae, which are often comb-like with little branches. Like most brightly coloured insects, the eye-catching appearance is to warn predators that they really don't taste very nice - so don't try eating them! Cardinal beetles can be found in deciduous woodland, crawling around on fallen trees and stumps - their larvae live under the bark, so they are never too far away from trees.



     Hard as Cardinals


It's a cardinal error

to be frozen with terror

if a hungry predator is ready to pounce.

And it's a cardinal sin

to be caught in a spin

if in a fight you're going to be trounced.


It's a cardinal blunder

to just sit still and wonder

if by a miracle you're going to be spared.

And it's a cardinal mistake

to start trying to make

your escape when you're already snared.


But cardinal beetles

don't care about these details

they need not worry about being attacked.

coz with cardinal colouration

they avoid assassination

predators know they're a vile tasting snack!




                          Cardinal Beetle

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