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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Cuckoo Bees


These insects are very cunning and devious - both in their physical appearance and in their behaviour. Most species of cuckoo bee are disguised to look like wasps, with black and yellow markings on their abdomens and a thin 'waist' between the abdomen and the thorax. But cuckoo bees are particularly sly and clever in that they never bother to build a nest of their own - instead they just fly into an exisiting nest built by other bees and lay their eggs in there! They are able to gatecrash their way into other bee's nests because they have tough, protective coats and increased stinging power. When the cuckoo bee's larvae emerge from the eggs they kill the larvae of the rightful owners of the nest and eat all the food that was intended for them! Cheeky!



      Cuckoo Bee Clock


If you had a cuckoo clock

with cuckoo bees instead of a bird,

then a constant low-fi buzzing

would be what you always heard.


Then on the hour every hour

the bees would buzz quite loudly,

and they'd swarm out of the doors

to announce the time so proudly.


And if you listened carefully

the bees would buzz in rhythm,

and to keep the bees in tip-top form

some nectar is what you'd give 'em.


And if you wanted an alarm call

at six or seven or any other number,

the bees could gently sting you

to wake you from your slumber.


Then in the harsh cold winter

when all the bees were dead,

you'd have to get a proper clock

to tell the time instead!







                                 Cuckoo Bee

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