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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Fruit Flies


These insects are relatively small with incredibly intricate patterned wings. These patterns come in a wide variety including zigzags, stripes, spots, bands and mottled effects. The colours are slightly less impressive with black, brown and yellow dominating. They can be serious pests of crops - in particular the Mediterranean Fruit Fly causes damage to citrus and soft fruits. Meanwhile, other species cause damage to walnuts, cherries, apples and blueberries... they really aren't fussy - any fruit will do!




      Yummy Fruit Flies


Do fruit flies come in different flavours?

Can you get strawberry and orange?

And do you have to chew them,

or can you suck them like a lozenge?


Can you get them from a sweet shop?

Do they come in packets or in tubes?

And are they quite expensive,

or are they cheap like cola cubes?


Are fruit flies colour coded?

So you can tell the lemon from the lime?

Or do you get a fresh surprise,

when you eat one every time?


And what about the little wings?

Are you supposed to eat them too?

Or can you simply break them off,

so that they don't tickle you?


But are fruit flies full of sugar?

Or are they quite nutritious?

It doesn't really matter either way,

as long as fruit flies taste delicious!







                                   Fruit Flies

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