Creepy-crawlies in the air... dragonflies, wasps, hover flies, bumblebees, gnats, butterflies,

                                        midges, house flies, moths, lacewings, dance flies, mosquitoes,

 Creepy-crawlies on vegetation... ladybirds, froghoppers, crab spiders, aphids, leaf beetles,

                                               shield bugs, crickets, barklice, grasshoppers, stick insects,

 Creepy-crawlies on the ground... woodlice, earthworms, millipedes, tiger beetles, scorpions,

                                               earwigs, carrion beetles, wolf spiders, slugs, centipedes,













Creepy-Crawly Poetry -



These arachnids are so tiny you've probably never seen one - even though they are quite common in people's gardens. They can be as small as 1mm and spend their time down in the soil and leaf litter hunting for their prey. Some species can also be found living in caves or under the bark of very old or dead trees. Just like scorpions they are predators, but unlike scorpions they have no tail and therefore no sting - instead they deliver their venom through their pedipalps or claws.



    Not What it Seems


A pseudoscorpion is very small

and isn't really a scorpion at all.

It looks like a scorpion, yes that's true

but this tiny arachnid can't sting you.

So why can't a pseudoscorpion sting?

the answer is a simple thing;

As well as being reduced in scale

a pseudoscorpion has no tail!





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