Creepy-crawlies in the air... dragonflies, wasps, hover flies, bumblebees, gnats, butterflies,

                                        midges, house flies, moths, lacewings, dance flies, mosquitoes,

 Creepy-crawlies on vegetation... ladybirds, froghoppers, crab spiders, aphids, leaf beetles,

                                               shield bugs, crickets, barklice, grasshoppers, stick insects,

 Creepy-crawlies on the ground... woodlice, earthworms, millipedes, tiger beetles, scorpions,

                                               earwigs, carrion beetles, wolf spiders, slugs, centipedes,



















Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Quiz Page


Can you solve these riddles and identify the mystery creepy-crawlies?



      Watt am I?


My first is in light, but not in shade

My second is in glare, but not in fade

My third is in luminous, but not in paint

My fourth is in wattage, but not in faint


My fifth is in growing, but not in height

My sixth is in transform, but not in flight

My seventh is in wriggle, but not in waggle

My eighth is in numbers, but not in haggle.




          Lughole Hairpiece


The first is in lobe, but not in thick

The second is in wax, but not in wick

The third is in drum, but not in stick

The fourth is in clown, but not in joke

The fifth is in disguise, but not in cloak

The sixth is in judge, but not in bloke.

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