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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Red Admirals


These insects are amongst the most common species of butterfly to visit our gardens - but only if there are plenty of nectar-rich flowers to attract them. They fly from May to October but the red admiral is actually a migrant - it starts life in southern Europe and only visits Britian in the spring and summer months. Once it arrives, it will produce another generation; laying its eggs on stinging nettles which the caterpillars then feed on before pupation. Towards the end of the summer, and into the beginning of autumn, some butterflies will attempt to fly back southwards into Europe, but most end up perishing during the first, hard frosty nights. A small number will find somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter, but the red admiral is not naturally a hiberating species, so this is relatively rare. 




      The Last Butterfly of Summer


Red admiral butterfly,

whereabouts will you go

when the weather turns colder

and the north winds blow?


Red admiral butterfly,

do you feel summer passing

now the days have grown shorter

and dark clouds are massing?


Red admiral butterfly,

how will you survive

when the sunshine gets weaker

and the temperature dives?


Red admiral butterfly,

do you sense Autumn is here

your days left now are numbered

and soon you'll disappear!







                                          Red Admiral

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