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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Stilt Bugs


These insects have very long, thin, spindly legs and they walk with their bodies held high over the ground which is how they get their name. But the size of their legs is relative, as stilt bugs are actually very small - roughly 6-10mm. This makes them very diffictult to spot; especially as they have a habit of freezing motionless when disturbed. Their habitat conceals them further - as they tend to dwell in amongst weeds and tall grasses in meadows and woods. Good luck trying to spot one!



         No Good Tricks


You won't see a stilt bug in the centre of town,

tottering round and round.

And you won't see a stilt bug at the local fair,

with it's head high in the air.

You won't see a stilt bug at a children's party,

dispensing tubes of Smarties.

And you won't see a stilt bug in the circus ring,

clowning about and juggling.

In fact you probably won't see a stilt bug at all;

they're really just too small.

And there's nothing special about balancing tricks

when it's legs add up to six!






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