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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Stink Bugs


These insects get their name from the fact they can quite literally create a stink! If and when they are under threat from a predator these bugs can release  very strong, over-powering odours from glands on their thorax. These odours are so noxious they can even produce headaches in humans - so imagine the effect they have on predatory insects or spiders! Most species of stink bug are coloured either brown or green, but some are marked with eye-catching patterns of red and black. Some are herbivores; feeding on seeds, flowers, fruits, cereal crops, tree sap and/or plants - whilst others are predators of smaller insects. Stink bugs are also known as Sheild Bugs due to the particular shape formed by their head and thorax.




      Stinks by Name, Stinks by Nature


Never get in a lift with a stink bug,

it might just let off a smell.

Look around and try to spot the culprit,

it won't be hard to tell.


The stink bug doesn't care of course,

it has no sense of shame.

It doesn't care if it's being pointed at

by the finger of blame.


And if the stink bug feels under threat,

it'll make the lift smell even more.

Everyone inside will be holding their noses

and jostling to be first out the door.


So next time you're waiting for the lift

and you see a stink bug inside...

It'll be a good idea to take the stairs

instead of waiting for a ride!








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