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Creepy-Crawly Poetry -

Wolf Spiders


These arachnids get their name because of their physical appearance and their hunting methods - both of which are a bit like wolves. The bodies of wolf spiders are covered with dense, short hairs coloured either grey or brown or black; often in drab patterns. Wolf spiders do not spin webs - instead they catch their prey by actively hunting for it, and to help them do this they have unusually good eyesight. Unlike wolves though, they hunt alone rather than in packs. Most species of wolf spider hunt during the day, but some species such as Trochosa Ruricola hunts at night. Be careful if you come across a wolf spider; the larger species can give a painful bite, so you'd better just leave them alone!




      Night of the Wolf Spider


Small, grey and hairy

yet ever so scary

the wolf spider is out on the prowl.

Stalking the ground

not making a sound

whilst somewhere a wild dog howls.


In the dead of the night

in the pale moonlight

the wolf spider is hunting it's prey.

There's no hiding place

no insect is safe

when those eight legs are coming its way.


With it's dark eyes peeled

in search of a meal

the wolf spider won't stop in it's quest.

Using stealth as it creeps

always ready to leap

in ambush on any small creature at rest.


In the silvery gloom

those fangs will bring doom

when the wolf spider bursts into violence.

In a second it strikes

and with one simple bite

it makes a victim in the cold eerie silence.







                                   Wolf Spider

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